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The Products of Marton Genetics


The latest range of Martonvásár breeds offers hybrids with good adaptability and bumper crops.


Discover our renowned high-yielding, particularly resistant sunflower hybrids.


Farmers in Hungary and abroad opt for our oleaginous hybrid rapes year after year.

Download our latest product catalogue to browse it at your convenience

Hungarian Genetics

We launched our advertising campaign in support of the most recent maize hybrid range of Marton Genetics in autumn 2013, recognising centuries of exemplary domestic breeds and Hungarian genetics.

Past and Present

The year 1953 witnessed a special swerve in the history of European feed management: Martonvásári-5, or MV-5 in short, the first maize hybrid in the Continent based on inbreed lines was created in the Centre for Agricultural Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Martonvásár. The hybrid, which also received state recognition, is the prominent intellectual accomplishment of dr. Endre Pap. Maize breeding in Martonvásár over the following decades underwent innovative development and achieved continuous success in terms of academic and practical results alike. In addition to breeding, agro technical innovations as the means for efficient maize production also took up great impetus. As a result, hybrids from Martonvásár almost completely conquered the whole maize acreage of Hungary within a space of only a few years. The impact on crop yield increase could be expressed in millions of tons.